Bring Out Your Smartphone
iOS or Android!

Nationflirt is a mobile Web App for expanding your Social Network immediately with someone discovered across the room or someone discovered across the planet. We believe that any relationship should grow naturally and casually. Nationflirt provides a casual platform to be interconnected to chat with anyone right away, as anonymous as you want it to be.


Expand your Social Network

Casual chats. Maybe meet a new great friend, a friend with benefits (or two - nice!), or even a potential life partner. Chat, talk and expand!

Location and Email Sharing

Use our various cool features such as our Location icon. Click the icon and send someone your exact position. Or send them your e-mail address without having them give you full chat access. Very convenient! Didn't mean to click on the icon? Don't worry, we ask you to confirm first.

Powerful Options and Controls

Nationflirt is the first social / relationship App to introduce cool features others simply do not have. Other websites or dating Apps often limit what you can do. We do not. Do you want to post a picture of a rainbow instead of you? Ok, weird but go for it! Love it! We have many cool features such as:

  • Ability to search anonymously and only show yourself to certain individuals.
  • Block individuals of course.
  • Only give some individuals the ability to text you.
  • Ability to show / hide your picture to / from certain individuals or everyone.
  • Interested In You option. Found someone you really like!? Mark them as "Interested In You" (they will not know). If they mark YOU as well, Nationflirt will e-mail you both.

Connect, chat, flirt, and Have Fun

Chat whenever, wherever with whoever. The most important thing is.. have fun! Whether you're looking for friends, more-than-friends, casual dating, a life partner or anything else; we have all the options you might be interested in.

Search around you, or Worldwide

One of of our most POWERFUL features is the ability to limit the distance at which you want to discover others. You can change this anytime. You can set the distance worldwide or just search around a city block. Not comfortable with GPS positioning? You can turn it off in the Security Settings however we never provide your exact location. Note if your GPS is off, you cannot search by distance either. When GPS position is on, we simply show how far away you are from others (but not the direction, nor the position).

Full control over Your Privacy

Privacy is paramount. We do not require any personal information from you. Our features allow you full control over your privacy. Bothered by GPS positioning? You can turn it off. When you turn it off, we simply put you at the North Pole!