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Frequently Asked Questions

I think there's a bug

Terrific. E-mail us at

Can I flirt/chat with people who are not close by?

Absolutely. Our primary objective is to allow people to break the ice when they are within the same geographic area. However, you can chat and flirt with really anyone you want on the system. Because this is not about dating or finding the one, chatting with anyone will be casual and more natural. Let it build from there.

I'm an Advertiser and would like to know how much it is to advertise, etc.

Please send us a lot of money (we will really appreciate it) or an e-mail to We'll be happy to send you any information you require.

Can I flirt on-line from my computer

No, you need a Smartphone. However, we may look into it.

Can I show my pictures to only some people?

Absolutely. Under the 3-dot menu, go to Settings and turn on "Hide my picture from all users". Then if you are on the chat screen with someone, you can use the little gear at the top right to allow this member to see your pictures.

I am very concerned about security and/or being too public.

Your security is of primary importance and is really under your control. The App does NOT provide any information regarding your location that you do not allow. It's really on you. If you don't want anyone to know anything about you, don't enter anything. GPS coordinates are used to know where you are but they are NOT displayed to other users. IMPORTANT! When you select your "Discovery Distance" on the App, no one can discover you outside that range. For example, if you set the Discovery Distance to be only 30 meters (100 feet), no one outside this range will see you and you will not see anyone outside this range.

I could not find the answer to my question

Feel free to Email us at