Tutorial: Chat


The Chat Screen. The first thing you will notice is you cannot freely text someone. By default, you can only send them simply pre-made texts. This is by design to keep things casual and non invasive. If someone decides they would like to chat, they can easily change this in their Security Settings to allow you full chat access. Do not forget to do the same. See that Permissions button? Click on it. It is that simple.

Chat Screen Items:

  • Access their Profile: Click on their picture or the right arrow and you will view that user's profile.
  • Permissions Button: Allows you to control what a user sees / how they interact with you.
  • Enveloppe Icon: Quick way to send a user your e-mail address. You will be prompted first.
  • Location Icon: Send another user your exact location. You will be prompted first.
  • Delete a Message: Keep your finger on a message and you will be prompted to delete it.