Tutorial: Permissions

Per-User Permissions Screen

The Nationflirt App allows you to control how a user interacts with you or what they are allowed to view. These permissions always take precedence over Global security. If you do not configure permissions for a user, the global security permissions are then applied. Note when you change someone's permissions, they become active right away! You do not have to wait for a refresh.

Specific Persmissions:

  • Allow the user to custom text you: This permits the other member to text you normally. They are no longer bound to being able to send you only pre-made texts.
  • Appear on-line to user: This is essentially a "block" function. If you turn this off, you disappear from the other person's screen immediately and from ALL their screens. They will simply see "Profile no longer available.".
  • Hide your picture from user: This is straightforward. If you turn this on, your picture will disappear from all of the screens for this member. Here, the idea is you might want to hide your picture from everyone via the General Security settings but only allow certain people to see your picture(s).
  • Display age to user: If for a reason or another you want to hide / show your age per member, you can. Perhaps you'd like them to guess your age before you show them your age!
  • Interested: To each his own! When you enable this on for a member and they enable this for you, you will both receive a notification within 24 hours that you are both interested in meeting up. When setting this option on a member, they will NOT know unless they did the same for you.