With Nationflirt, every Advertiser starts on an equal footing whether large or small. In other words, your new Ad will get equal view time as everyone else for 1 hour at an averaged out per-click rate up to the maximum amount you set.

Then, performance metrics are evaluated for your Advertisement. Say you pay $0.05 per click but another advertiser pays $0.30 per click, we do not simply give priority to the $0.30 per click. We evaluate how many clicks you generate every 5 minutes /every hour / every day. If you generate 100 clicks in 5 minutes resulting in $5 but the other advertiser generates only $2 in that same time frame at $0.30 per click, the site will automatically see that out of $7 of revenue, you generated 71% for Nationflirt. This will result in your Ad now being displayed 71% percent of the time for at least the next 5 minutes. This will adjust on a continuous basis. We try to make it a fair process for all parties!

You will be able to view your advertising positioning every 5 minutes through our portal.